When you think you are missing – someone

SplitShire-3037Recently, I had a day where I felt very weird and I had time to create in my fun projects I have added, but nothing felt fun. I was just tired, heavy and felt like there was something missing. I started making the conclusion that I missed someone. And made it even more significant, by choosing one person to attach it to.

After I expressed that, I started to get the awareness that it didn’t really match the energy I was experiencing. And then I realized it wasn’t that I was missing a person! I was missing a space, energy, possibility I know is possible but haven’t yet fully chosen or acknowledged. 

And it’s a little confusing, maybe but I’m not even sure what it is. It’s more just a space or possibility, at least so far, and it might reveal itself later as to ”what” it is. Sometimes we pin our desires to a certain outcome, or a certain kind of success.

And it got me thinking again of that question ” What if you knew you could not fail”?

And really I get it more and more clearly that I could so easily have chosen to judge myself for expressing “I miss you” to someone AND what if there is another possibility here?

What if every choice creates awareness?

Well it does!!!

So the Joy of awareness was that it wasn’t what I first thought it was – it was greater. As it usually is when we dare stay in the question. Although if I had not chosen to express that first ”feeling” of missing someone, I might not have come to the awareness of it not being about some other person, but that it was about the sense of space that I desire to be.

What if you knew you could never fail?

How many times do we judge ourselves for being ”wonky” and immediately think we are wrong? And what if that is just a possibility you are aware of and haven’t yet chosen or acknowledged? What if it was just you being so much more connected to the universe, so much more aware than you’ve ever allowed yourself to know yet?

Would it make any difference in your world if you started to ask:

”What greatness is this that I haven’t yet acknowledged? ”

I tried this out for every judgement and wrongness of me and it really shifted a lot.

What is it you have decided is wrong about you that actually isn’t?  What if you are so much greater than you ever give yourself credit for?

And it is so easy to attach that awareness of greater possibilities to be that “someone special” person. Like an old fairytale where the prince will come and make everything fall into place. Except..

 what if You are the one you think you are waiting for?

What if all that you think is connected to that one special person is your own awareness of something else possible? A space, an energy a totally new possibility not available before? So what if you allow yourself to feel wonky for a bit, and then allow yourself to express what is going on for you, and ask what you are really sensing? And would you be willing to embrace yourself with all the joy with which you have yourself convinced you’d embrace that “special person”? 

 What else would be possible for you to choose?

The processes and questions found in this text are from Access Consciousness which was founded by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, and among other things is a set of tools which assist people in becoming more conscious about the way in which they move through the world.
You can find more information about Access by visiting www.accessconsciousness.com or by getting in touch with me.

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