To Be or not to Be – is that the question?

Let me just start by explaining this Being thing. You are not your body. You are far greater than your body. I invite you to come with me on a little exercise. Close your eyes. (Yes you do have to read the section below first! and then do it 🙂

Close your eyes, feel the body, the skin, your stomach, your seat on the chair, your feet on the floor, all of you. Now go to the outer limits of You—not your body your being.

Are you there?

Now expand out 1 meter in all directions including down into the earth.

Are you there too?

Now expand out into the room and down into the earth.

Are you there too?

Now expand out in to the whole neighborhood and down into the earth.

Are you there too?

You can expand all the way out of the earth and you are there too, and out into the universe and you are there too! Everywhere you expand out or go with your ”attention or presence” there you are.

You are an infinite being. You are not your body. Your body dies, but not you the being.

Is this at all real to you?

And let’s not forget about the body as is so often the case in metaphysical or spiritual practices. In many such practices, we are lead to believe that if we can put ourselves above all bodily desires, we are more spiritual, or enlightened. 

What if it’s both your body and your being together that creates the wonderful experience of being that you are having right now? What if they were treated equally? You have a body because you chose to come here and have one. You are an infinite being having a body, so why should you neglect your body? Or refuse to honor it?  Our bodies have a lot of awareness, they desire to communicate with us, but often we are not willing to listen.

We are often also taught to deny ourselves the pleasures that come with having a body: touch, sensuality, delicious food and drink, and many more.

Why not have it all?

What if what the world requires is for all of us to start really BEING our own uniqueness. What if true happiness and joy in this life comes from  the greatness of You. What if we could recognize that if the universe didn’t like us, we wouldn’t be here?

We are all desired to BE, to bring our own flavor or tune to the harmony and symphony of living!

What if you start trusting You?

What if you started trusting that all the things you know deep down inside and have known since you were little, are true?

And what if you were the only one who could bring that into the world?

What if you are the piece of the puzzle, the missing note that is required. Would you be willing to Be it?

To gift it?

Would you be willing to truly BE… You?

The processes and questions found in this text are from Access Consciousness which was founded by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, and among other things is a set of tools which assist people in becoming more conscious about the way in which they move through the world. You can find more information about Access by visiting or by getting in touch with me.

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