Once upon a time…

There was a pale, skinny little girl who thought that maybe she was a changeling.

She was actually not even human, rather she was more closely related to magical beings like the fairies in the forest but she didn’t know this. It wasn’t as if someone ever told her it was even a possibility. She loved being in the forest, and singing to Ma as she called Mother Earth. It was always relaxing and magical there, and no one was there to judge or compare her to others, the way she felt her ‘family’ always did.

The Fairies were always nearby, showing her the best hideaways inside the wild strawberry plants, the flowers, the berries, and she enjoyed them so. Not that she knew the Fairies were showing her—she didn’t see them. She just knew she was compelled to these magical places and wonderful moments immersed in the joys of nature.

The little girl really didn’t much like food, except for berries, veggies, seeds and nuts, and  to her mother’s great concern, she never ate much. She was one of those girls, you know, chewing for ever on meat until it was this dry horrible ball of meat in her mouth, almost impossible to swallow! Trying to swallow made her gag and cry. Needless to say, dinnertimes were not magical. Her parents were equally concerned that she seemed to fantasize so much at the dinner table. It was just that she thought dinners were so dreadfully boring! She was almost never hungry, and no one seemed to understand.

The adults seemed so narrow and boring to her, with so many rules to follow.

Why does everyone have to be a square? What if you are as round or as big as the world? How could anyone fit in to that tiny square they call reality?

Even when she was little, her questions were big.

She knew there was so much more possible, but she had no one to talk to.

Books kind of swallowed her whole. She got so drawn into the worlds of the books she almost forgot about herself, practically becoming the person in the book.

The other kids in school thought she was a bit odd, and sometimes a little creepy as she used to hear people coming 5 or 10 minutes before they actually arrived.

The girl’s mother was worried about her being so pale and skinny so she was taken to the school nurse twice as often as the other kids to check her weight and her blood to make sure that she wasn’t sick. But her blood was always fine and she wasn’t more sick than anyone else, even less maybe. Some of the kids in school asked if she was sick, too because they noticed that she was very fair in complexion.

But the pale little girl really felt that if they didn’t like her as she was, she didn’t mind being by herself, rather than changing into someone she was not. So she continued to go to the forest and she ate her berries. Oftentimes she played and read and by herself or had fun in the forest with friends that didn’t have an opinion on her being pale and skinny. She enjoyed the world as she saw it, and wasn’t very concerned that she didn’t see it the way everyone else seemed to.

The little girl went on to discover many more magical things, and to become very close with Mother Nature, and all the little beings and plants that Mother Nature nurtured. She knew that she was one of them. She became the princess of her own tale.

The truth is, that pale, skinny girl was me, and this is the fairytale of my life.

I have experienced all of these moments and it is and my mission to let people know that magic really does exist, if we would just dare trust it. If we would just shift our perception ever so slightly, or just put on our magical shades we can see the world and our lives, and even our bodies differently.

As I grew up and moved away from home I realized that no one could force me to eat meat, or anything else that I didn’t desire, anymore. I decided to not eat it for a while and see how it went, and I haven’t eaten it since. (Once, I thought I wanted a leverwürst sandwich! I thought I’d just try it and see what happened!  When I started spreading it on the bread I broke into a cold sweat and almost threw up! My body was clearly saying NOOOOO, thank you!)

Listening to my body has given me a much more relaxed view on eating, and it gave me my appetite back. I have become aware of when my body wants to eat more and also of other times, (especially during classes high in energy, like Access Consciousness classes) where my body doesn’t really seem to need much to eat.

Your body will give you all this information if you will listen! I now really enjoy food and I have a liking for quality that I now honor more and more, something I was almost ridiculed for as a child, like I was a snob.

I don’t see any reason not to have the best I can! Why would I want to put low quality food into my mouth and my body?  And how would that serve the earth?

By that I mean in that, in the long run there is no serving the earth by trying to grow crops and maximizing the profit by polluting it. In the end there is no nutrition in our food or land just poison.

When I say I demand the best, I mean naturally grown, organic foods that are a contribution to my body and to the planet—just as it has always been!

We can’t eat money. If we had the viewpoint of many indigenous peoples, we might be thinking of the impact things have on 7 generations ahead, as they do.  We would be far better off and our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren would have the possibility of living in total harmony with this planet. And there would be plenty of food for all the bodies living here.

Last summer my body wanted lots to drink, and walnuts most of the time. It doesn’t worry me any more. The more I let go of the conclusions and computations around eating and food, the more relaxed I get and my body tells me more and more what it wants. After all it is really my body that eats.

If you would like to try to listen more to your body and don’t know where to start, here is something that you can do in order to begin:

Ask, “Body, what would you like to eat?”  And of course bodies don’t speak in words but if you try again and again you might get a craving of something. You might be surprised! It might be something you had previously decided that you don’t like! You can open a menu and the first thing your eyes look at is what your body wants. Try to see if your body feels  happy when you eat. Just start paying attention to how your body feels. You can also ask your body to show you how it is letting you know what it wants. Its like training a muscle, you have to do it repeatedly.

You can also try just closing your eyes before eating something. Hold it in your hand and ask: “Body would you like some?” If your body leans towards something, it’s a “Yes!”

Don’t forget to keep asking though, just because your body says yes to one bite of chocolate doesn’t mean it wants to eat a full box.

If your body swings away from it, don’t eat it 

Bodies are so much wiser than we acknowledge. Recently my body created a fall that hurt my spine. Yes, it could easily look like an accident or something that was bad to have happen to me. But it took me to the chiropractor, which is something I had been meaning to do for ages – but never did. So was it an accident happening to me, or was it in fact my body creating something that would make me choose what it desired?

My body had been asking for this, but I was choosing not to listen. This was maybe not my brightest choice! The chiropractor discovered several things that needed attention. One of them was that my top rib being a bit stuck and as soon as the adjustment was done, I felt I could breath again.

Another gift from my ‘fall’ was the contributions I received which were (and are)  just amazing, from all over the world! Some of them were from people I’ve never even met in person. People were sending me texts on my phone or responding on Facebook. They were all caring and contributing, not going into drama to lock me in to the negative inharmonious version of the hurt spine. But rather they were contributing supportive energies with total allowance, not having an agenda to fix me or correct me.

We kind of expect it from a significant (or even insignificant) other but when you have no one in your life like that, its amazing to be able to receive so much. This is part of the magic I am talking about. My body helped me to receive it.  I’m so grateful for my body creating a chance to see how the universe truly has my back and showing it through all possible channels!

There was a moment when I was just laughing and crying at the same time, tickling all over from the contributions that had been offered from a distance. How phenomenal is the universe to be able to send and receive that?

What magic!!

What else is possible that I haven’t even considered yet? I wonder? These things spark my curiosity of what else there is that we haven’t even dared to consider yet.

How much does your body have to say to you, that if you would only listen, you could understand and receive! How much more magic is there?

What do you say we find out?

The processes and questions found in this text are from Access Consciousness which was founded by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer and among other things is a set of tools which assist people in becoming more conscious about the way in which they move through the world. You can find more information about Access by visiting www.accessconsciousness.com or by getting in touch with me.

2 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

  1. Wow! Your story is so very parallel to aspects of my early life. Difference is….you stayed true to you. Great insight.


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