Sex as receiving

This summer, I met a man whose energy really intrigued me. It was unlike any other such meeting I have ever had. So many times I have attracted men that need some kind of healing in the area of relationship or sex, and afterward, I never really felt very fabulous. This encounter made me realize that there are kind men in the world, who were actually caring and I opened up for this kind of man to enter my life! He challenged me, and I enjoyed every minute of it. This meeting invited me to be more present than I ever had before! It allowed me to feel more of myself, and not less, as I have so many times before. He was present. I was present.

And let me just say this: Presence is a TURN ON!

The mutual contribution with this individual went on for days and weeks, and it got me really curious about all of the energy it created! Things showed up as if by magic! I started to really reflect on what was so different and ask questions about it!

I wondered how I could tap into that energy even more?

I kept on in that question, and as I thought about those moments of sex with this wonderful man, suddenly my barriers were gone! I had NO resistance to receive. I was just totally open. The energy just flowed, and I felt it rising in my whole body!

I found this fascinating! It lead to a great sensation in my body. I felt light and bubbly and turned on! It was quite an orgasmic sensation flowing in the body! It was sexual energy, the life juice energy. This is not at all restricted to only copulation. I thought back to some Access classes, and  sex as receiving popped up in my awareness.

What if it could be this easy to just tap into the energy of anything and let the body receive it?

I plunged into an experiment with sex as receiving. There is so much misidentification around sex (as in copulation) as the only place we can receive this kind of energy.

Many people are not really ready to receive, it is just not something we have been trained to do in this reality. People are usually not even comfortable receiving compliments. Say something complimentary, or actually acknowledge what is true, and watch the uneasy darts of the eyes and the apologetical excuses…weird, right?

Sex and receiving in this way has nothing to do with putting body parts together. This is about the energy of engaging and receiving from everyone and everything.

What if what makes you covet or lust for someone is just an energy you want to receive more of? And what if that energy didn’t have to come from copulation with someone else?

So as I explored, a friend cleverly pointed out I didn’t have to restrict it to men, or even humans! So I started to tweak my experiment it a little, just saying different things to receive from.

Here are some of my favorites:

”Sex with flowers” – I perceive it as a very yummy sweet soft energy for me.

”Sex with the ocean” – makes me feel really held in kindness and caring and it just washes over me…a cleansing sensation.

”Sex with trees” – that tickles me with all that foliage and is also a quite potent energy, totally in allowance, as everything in nature is really.

And my favorite just now is ”Sex with diamonds” which is a very strong potent yummy sparkling energy for me.

What more could you choose if you knew that there was no wrong way of receiving energy?

There are so many rules to how we should receive. Receiving is not something we learn. Sure, we are taught to say thank you but that is really not the same, not even close. The funny thing is exploring this have lead me to another discovery and that is that there is something profoundly true and delicious of simultaneous gifting and receiving. And what a gift it really is when someone really receives the gift you give. Be it a small compliment or something greater.

What if you could allow yourself to just receive the energy of everything?

How much more yummy fun would you have. No, I don’t mean you have to go to bed with anyone, you still get to decide about that. But what if you just received the energy, even the sexual energy from anyone. Try and find out how happy it makes your body. Our bodies don’t have the same judgements around this as we think.

What if the next time you have an opportunity to really receive you actually take it?
For me meeting that man, just once, totally changed my world. And I don’t mean it as in the romantic novels…not like ”he swept me off my feet ”kind of nonsense…no, it was a special moment and I cherish it, AND it was an invitation that I chosed to receive. And then chosed to be creative about, meaning starting to ask questions on how to receive more.

What can You now choose and invite to your life that would increase your receiving?
What if you allowed yourself to play and receive? What if you knew you couldn’t get it wrong? What if you knew there is no wrong way of receiving?
And that it is a gift to others when you choose to receive. What if you knew there was NO obligation to DO anything if you allowed yourself to receive.

How much more yumminess can you choose to receive in your life?

The processes and questions found in this text are from Access Consciousness which was founded by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer and among other things is a set of tools which among other things assist people in becoming more conscious about the way in which they move through the world. You can find more information about Access by visiting or by getting in touch with me

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