Choice Creates

What does that mean?

A choice makes you aware! It creates infinite possibilities.

The moment you make a choice the universe conspires to make it happen. You send out millions of little energetic threads of possibilities and the universe holds it open. Sometimes you realize you want another choice the second you make the first one, and sometimes you need to see the effect of it first to realize that, well, that didn’t come out as you thought it would.

So you have this awareness that you couldn’t have had without making the first choice!

Is your head spinning? I understand. You see, in this reality we are taught that we are served up circumstances and that we really don’t have any choice about anything. This could not be further from the truth. We always have choice. Always. In every millisecond, we have choice.

If we make a choice that turns out in a way that we don’t particularly like, we get to choose again… and again…. and …. well, you get the picture.

You can make another choice if you want to. When you get stuck in trying to figure out what the right choice would be on the other hand, nothing gets created. This creates no threads of infinite possibilities for the universe to answer. In trying to figure out the right choice there is judgement. (Judgement that there is a right and a wrong way of doing things or choosing.)

Judgement kills possibilities. And in the calculating, computing, concluding ways of figuring out we also close the door for endless possibilities, because nothing more than what you concluded can happen, can then happen. You are not open to receive anything else. And the universe answers to your choice! In this case, it would answer to your choice to judge, conclude and therefore limit what can show up for you.

In other words: Whether you think something can happen or whether you think it cannot happen, you are right.

What if you knew that you always have a choice?

And what if you knew that you didn’t have to figure out the right choice, the only correct choice, or the choice to rule them all?

What if you knew that choice creates awareness, awareness does not create choice. You get to make a choice and gain awareness even if it is just to find out that this choice didn’t work the way you thought.

After that it’s just as simple as choose again, and again and again…

Can you imagine the freedom if you never again had to defend, resist and react to anything threatening your choice? If you never had to seek approval or validation that you did chose right.

My only aim is to introduce a different possibility that can shift the perception of how things are or have to be. I want to show you the possibility of choosing for you, whatever that means to you.

I have lived most of my life trying to figure out the right choice. I used so much time and energy trying to figure out what the right choice was, the only choice the choice to rule them all…

And what did all of that create?

A need to resist and react to anything threatening my choice. A need to align an agree with everything that seem to validate my choice. A constant need for validation, to such a degree that I saw everything through the lens of my choice. Which made me very un-aware. You can’t really be aware when you are only seeking validation and proof that your opinion/ choice is right.

When you are choosing to be aware, you see what is, not what you want to be true. You cant be aware and do blind faith at the same time.

I no longer have to use days and weeks to figure out which is the “right“choice. I can just choose, and have the awareness of what the choice creates. And if I don’t enjoy the result, I simply choose again!

Can you imagine that it could ever be that easy?

The processes and questions found in this text are from Access Consciousness which was founded by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, and among other things is a set of tools which assist people in becoming more conscious about the way in which they move through the world. You can find more information about Access by visiting or by getting in touch with me.

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